GSA Grants
GSA provides Graduate Groups, or student societies, with over %7 of its allocation of SSAF. In 2017, we are also providing two further grants to support graduate groups and related activities.


Publications grant
GSA provides limited funding to be used to directly fund student societies or Graduate Groups affiliated to GSA for:

1. Student publications (journals, magazines)
2. Publications of conference proceedings or research collections.

The funding is not provided to individual students who wish to publish articles but is only for graduate groups affiliated to GSA to support their group activities.
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Reading group grants

GSA is seeking to support graduate student reading groups in fostering research communities by providing them with funding. A maximum of $200 per financial year is on offer for reading groups. We call on graduate groups to sponsor applications by these reading groups.

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Apply here (non-graduate groups only).


Students may apply as individuals or in groups for the University of Melbourne’s annual Student Engagement Grants Program or for SSAF grants. Applications need to be supported by Faculty staff members. Groups can ask GSA for assistance or collaborate.

Wider community
There are sources of grants available to graduate groups that are broader than GSA funding and are providing by university, state or federal bodies. Consult Our Community grantmaking basics.