Accidents can happen, so graduate groups should ensure they have adequate insurance to cover their activities. One of the benefits of affiliating with GSA is that we provide cover to all affiliated graduate groups in one vital area: public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is designed to help protect a graduate group against claims of personal injury or property damage that third parties may suffer or allege to suffer as a result of your group’s activities or negligence.

If graduate groups wish to lodge a claim following any event, however, they will need to meet GSA’s terms and conditions for insurance cover.

Reading these terms and conditions is essential for graduate groups in managing the risks and ensuring that they have the controls and procedures in place to lodge a claim with GSA.

Groups can lodge their claim  on the GSA website. Use the claim form that matches the location of your event or activity for which you are seeking insurance:

Claim for Public Liability Insurance (Licensed Venue)
Claim for Public Liability Insurance (Campus Grounds)
Claim for Public Liability Insurance (Other)

Remember, before running any event make sure you read our terms and conditions for public liability insurance.

Sports and accident insurance

If your graduate group is undertaking sports events, it may wish to consider sports and personal accident insurance in addition to public liability insurance.

The University has a personal accident policy, but access to it for events is managed by Melbourne University Sports. GSA recommends that all Graduate Groups discuss insurance for sporting events with Melbourne University Sports and book using their venues on the Parkville campus.

Other insurance

If your student group is larger than 1000 members, registers as an incorporated association, or undertakes activities involving higher risk, you should explore options for other kinds of insurance, such as Directors and Officers Liability or professional indemnity. Please consult the University website and consult with Our Community, which provides help sheets and advice to non-profits.