Grad Group Team

At GSA, Graduate Groups are administrated by the Program Department at GSA in 2017. The programs that GSA delivers include career preparation programs, study support, student leadership training and community building events.

We wants to hear from you and help you make the most of GSA. 

For all graduate group enquiries email us at or call GSA Reception, 83448657.

To enquire about our programs, even pitch ideas, contact us: 

Who we are
Catherine Cheng – Vice-President
Catherine is the Vice-President of GSA and deals with high-level graduate group support. She can connect your group with the council and wider representation issues at GSA. For more on representation see here:

Beornn McCarthy – Program Manager
Beornn leads the programs team. He is an experienced and dedicated student services professional with over 6 years of experience in lecturing and tutoring at the University of Melbourne and Deakin University and 9 years of experience in managing and working with teams at the University of Melbourne to deliver excellent outcomes in higher education, student services, programs and policy. His academic expertise is literature and he’s a bibliophile at heart.

GSA_Training Session_April_17-79.jpg
Mary Khouri – Program Coordinator
Mary has been employed at GSA since 2016. She comes from various roles in customer and education service and has over 4 years’ experience in planning and conducting multiple projects. She holds an Honours in Molecular Biology from Latrobe University and previously worked as a Research Assistant at Monash University Centre for Inflammatory Diseases. Mary coordinates and supports development for GSA’s study and career support programs, including GSA Thesis Boot Camp and Mind the Gap.  In her spare time, Mary is an expert baker.

Coby Liew – Program Coordinator (Student Liaison)
Coby is a passionate individual with great interest in community development and engagement, as well as mental health and wellbeing. He is very experienced in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures in various areas such as mental health, higher education, community engagement, human services, project development, and customer services. Coby has a unique multicultural philosophy, multilingual ability, and unique experiences underlying his practice framework. He is a big fan of collaborative practice and he is always willing to contribute in promoting a more accepting, diverse, and inclusive society. Coby is also an effective social advocate, particularly in LGBTIQ rights and social justice. Coby will be coordinating and supporting the development of community building and student leadership programs. He is a student group liaison and will spend dedicated time meeting with graduate groups.