Graduate group procedures

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GSA has consulted with a number of Graduate Groups and other stakeholders and is now changing its graduate group regulations. There are new GSA Graduate Group Procedures that come into effect on March 1, 2016.

The procedures are simpler, fairer, and better.

We’re offering %50 more funding and over %7 of the Student Services and Amenities Fee to Graduate Groups. There’s more funding on offer as a pool, depending on the size of the Graduate Group. We’re providing more students with more funding, and improving how we support and resource groups.

We’ve included access to our services as a benefit of being a Graduate Group. And we’ve made it simpler for current affiliated Graduate Groups to remain affiliated and access funding and do what they do best – run events and do stuff for students.

There will be a transition period until May 31 2016. During the transition we’ll work with Graduate Groups to make the changes work for them.